Staircases For Small Houses That Save Space

The typical type of staircase takes up an excessive amount of room, which isn’t always accessible in a tiny property. Most people simply make do with what they have, decorate the staircase, and make the greatest use of the space beneath the steps. However, if you’re looking for a new staircase, there’s a large selection of space-saving stairs on the market. The Karina model is the most affordable – and also the smallest – on the market, combining either light or dark beech wood for the treads with one of three different colours. The Karina is not only the tiniest staircase on the market, but it is also thin enough to be utilised as a loft ladder replacement or in other locations where other, more traditional stairs would be too narrow.

Due to the fact that many modern homes are smaller than their predecessors, manufacturers are now producing stairs in a variety of sizes. Nowadays, you can have unique architectural solid hardwood stairs in both contemporary designs and to fulfil a variety of requirements; you may get conventional staircases, modern sweeping metal curves, and modular spiral staircases – the range has never been better. The use of cutting-edge technology and software for creating and profiling new designs and bespoke sizes contributes to the wide range of options. Mobirolo, an Italian company known for its unique designs of home space-saving stairs, is one such maker.

Mobirolo began manufacturing staircases in 1966 and has since produced spiral staircases in various materials, attic stairs, open stairways, and self-assembly kits such as Fusion or Vogue, which are both becoming increasingly popular. The Mobirolo Marketing Division currently sells Arke’s self-assembly home space-saving stairs, such as the popular Karina and the spiral form known as the Kompact. These self-assembly kits meet European safety requirements and include a full-length, 25-minute assembly video, paper instructions, and parts lists.

Other home space saving stairs are available from the Space Saving Staircase Company. These include the utilitarian Junior model, which is available in a variety of diameters including 600cm, 650cm, 700cm, 750cm, 800cm, and 850cm, as well as the highly modern stripped wood with metal balustrades. The Mignon, on the other hand, has an open stair design with few exposed steps in tones of stripped wood. This home space-saving spiral staircase has a diameter of 500cm to 700cm. The Marinara is another of their designs, which also has open stair treads. The design is absolutely unique and gives everything you would expect with classic Italian elegance, despite the diameter being between 500cm and 800cm.

Home space saving staircases are now available to meet the bill, whether it’s a cheap kit that, when put together, makes a contemporary spiral from as little as 100cm to as much as 800cm, or straight and winding steps that combine traditional and contemporary style. They are now available in aluminium, glass, or steel, with open or closed treads, in addition to the eternal elegance of wood. In reality, because home space saving stairs have come into their own, a shortage of room no longer prevents a modern design from being installed.